Post-16 Latest News & Events

Careers Focus on Media & Journalism at Wilmington Academy

March 2020: Post 16 students at Wilmington Academy recently attended a drop down assembly on careers in journalism. 

Presenting to a room packed with interested students, Richard Pendry, lecturer at the University of Kent Centre for Journalism, stressed to students looking at this field to choose a further training arena where there is a track record of students gaining employment- something that the centre is proud of with paid work experience and journalistic specialisms being paramount. He elaborated upon areas of journalism including writing for a newspaper or television work.

Richard discussed his journalistic career and experiences including working with the actor Ross Kemp on the BAFTA  winning series Ross Kemp on Gangs.

Careers Focus on Construction at Wilmington Academy

Jan 2020:  As part of a series of career focus assemblies, Wilmington Academy recently welcomed Tom Taylor, Principal Surveyor from Willmott Dixon to elaborate upon careers within the construction sector to students in Year 12.

Tom began by explaining his own journey within the sector including how he had progressed in his career by further training and gaining additional qualifications.  He asked students what came to mind when thinking of a career in construction? Upon hearing their answers, he agreed that roles such as site management, architect, surveyor and trades are very much part of his sector. However, he went on to elaborate upon many other roles that students might not have considered, These are:

HR, Design, Sales, Community Liaison, Finance, Coordination.

In doing so, he was keen to explain that as a business, Willmott Dixon covers many disciplines other than “just bricks”  The average salary for an employee working for Willmott Dixon is £37.5K- considerably higher than the national average wage.  Tom was keen to talk about the history of the company he works for, explaining that as a family owned business, it has a strong company ethos and is considered to be one of the best employers in the U.K.  He spoke about the variety of opportunities for training and positive experiences that he has had as an employee.  The company offers a management trainee scheme for school leavers as well as work experience to give students the opportunity to see if this sector is for them. He stressed the importance of hard work and outlined the key skills and attributes that a company such as his would look for in an employee. There are:

  • Team player
  • Problem solving
  • Organisation
  • Pride
  • Ambition
  • Motivation

Students took the opportunity to talk one to one with Tom at the end of the assembly. Thank you to Tom for taking the time to enlighten our students.

Raising Awareness of Homelessness

Jan 2020:  Post 16 students kicking off their first assembly of 2020 by launching their campaigns to raise awareness of homelessness, in particular the important work undertaken by the Salvation Army, and Young Carers. Well done to S9 and S10 who presented today. Watch this space for how you can get more involved in our charity campaigns! #ourcommunity #caring

Investors in Careers – Reassessment Success!

Dec 19: We are delighted to announce that we have successfully completed the Commitment Stage of The Quality in Careers Standard awarded by Investor in Careers, and are now working towards the Organisation, Delivery and Evaluation elements of this prestigious award.

The Quality in Careers Standard is a national award which recognises the quality of careers information and guidance students receive throughout their academic studies.  Reaching this stage demonstrates that the academy is committed to working towards delivering a quality careers programme which not only incorporates the required Gatsby Benchmarks, but also helps to ensure that our students are fully informed about their choices and are “future ready”.

Although the academy has held this award for a number of years now, reassessment and reevaluation of our careers programme is an important step in ensuring that the quality of education your son/daughter receives is the best it can be.

We would like to thank you for your continued support, and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Routes into Training

Wednesday 18th December 2019: Routes into Training is an exciting event which gives students the chance to hear and speak to local businesses from a range of industries.  During the event, delegates outlined various job roles, training and apprenticeship opportunities within their sectors which allowed students to be more informed about their future choices.

The session began by students hearing a short presentation from each guest on their organisation and opportunities afforded to school leavers. All presentations were well delivered and highly informative.

In the case of Whitehat Apprenticeships, delegate Yasmine dispelled the many myths surrounding apprenticeships whilst Army delegate, Paul, spoke about the large number of travel and sporting opportunities that he has enjoyed during his service.

Students then took the opportunity to visit each delegate at a stand to discuss one to one what such a pathway could offer them.

A variety of industries will be on show, including: The Armed Forces, Accountancy and Finance, Construction and Engineering, IT and the Digital World, and Teaching.

“I really enjoyed chatting to the students and just hope that I have sparked one or two to consider a career in construction” – Alex White, Mace

IB Students visit Rome

December 2019: As part of their studies on the International Baccalaureate Careers-related Programme, Year 13 are visiting Rome.  After spending the past 16 months learning the culture and language of Italy, they are busily putting the knowledge they have gained to the test:

Day 1: Ciao da roma! Post 16 IB students have arrived safely in Rome, and have begun a spot of sightseeing. First stop – the home of the gladiators, the Colosseum!

Careers in Law at Wilmington Academy

Friday 29th November 2019:  A huge thank you to Luke Guinan and Marco Dall’Antonia from local solicitor’s firm Thomson Snell and Passmore for taking time out of their day to speak to our students about potential careers in Law.

Having just begun their training contracts with ts-p, both Luke and Marco were in a unique position to speak to students about their experiences, how they decided to become solicitors, and also give an overview of what a typical working day would look like.

Luke and Marco highlighted both the traditional routes and lesser known routes into the profession to help students understand that both undergraduate degree and apprenticeship options are available.  To close, Luke and Marco reflected on their own journeys by offering advice that they would have given to themselves whilst undertaking their schooling: grades and experience matter. Both have the power to secure students their dream careers.

Careers Focus on Business and Finance at Wilmington Academy

Friday 22nd November 2019:  As part of a series of drop down careers assemblies, Post 16 students from Wilmington Academy welcomed guest speaker, Alan Bolton, from local accountancy firm, Adams & Moore.

Presenting to a packed room of interested students, Alan discussed what business and finance are and where they are carried out as well as the roles that would be included.  Alan further elaborated upon the scope and duties of each such role within a firm such as his own.  Moving on, Alan talked about the threats to his industry and the changes brought about by both technology and legislation-something he considers important for students to understand when considering a career path.

In conclusion, Alan spoke about the type of skills required to work in his field:

  • Good communication skills
  • An inquiring mind
  • Problem solving skills
  • The art of negotiation.

He stressed that accountancy is not about sitting behind a screen and is very people focussed.

Finally, he explained the types of qualifications that students will need for such a career.

Sincere thanks to Alan for taking the time to come to inform our students.

Careers in Sport at Wilmington Academy

On Friday 18th October 2019, Wilmington Academy held the first in an extensive series of drop down careers assemblies.

Guest speaker, Elliott Reid, owner of the Revitalise Clinic in Gravesend related his story of how he came to be a business owner through his interest in health, love of boxing and desire to solve problems. His resilience was clear and he advised students that life is short and that they should take their time seriously and that there is value in making the best of other people’s time.

During his presentation, he asked attending students, who were from Years 12 and 13, to make notes.  He later queried these with them taking their own likes and desires to talk to them about individual possible career pathways.

Thank you to Elliott for taking the time to come to Wilmington Academy.