Wilmington Academy alumni informs Year 12

On Monday 3rd September, new Year 12 students at Wilmington Academy were fortunate enough to have a visit from former student, Tom Williams.

Tom attended the school from 1995 to 2000 and had been Deputy Head Boy and Captain of the football team.

Speaking in what Tom remembered as the science block, he ably charted his career journey from having spent 10 years in government roles in security and risk related positions to moving into the private sector as an Investigative Consultant to his current job of Head of Recruitment at Context Information Security https://www.contextis.com/

Moving onto the cyber security industry, Tom gave some fascinating examples of how his company helps businesses to avoid cyber fraud and how they investigate such cases. The examples were extensive and most insightful.

Tom emphasised what an important time post 16 is and how students should work hard to apply themselves to their studies. His top tips for current students were:

  • Be a nice person
  • Be reliable
  • Work hard

Leigh Academies Trust are delighted that further to an earlier contact with Tom, a fellow Trust student has recently found employment with Context.

Following his talk, Tom had a tour of the academy and was impressed by the changes that he noted. Thank you to Tom for coming out to speak to our students.