Wilmington Academy Post 16 Results 2021

Message from the Principal

I am delighted to inform you that Wilmington Academy has continued our upward trajectory of excellent Post-16 results. We received our IB/academic results in July which were externally moderated based on controlled assessments. The IB results are the highest academic results we have ever achieved in the history of the academy.

Today, we have received our post 16 vocational qualifications which in turn are the highest grades achieved in four years at the academy. An average grade of a distinction in all subjects. Moreover, 60% of all grades were distinction* to distinction. No appeals have been made and the exam board has been fully supportive of the robust process we have in place at the academy. 

Every student has been able to secure their first choice destination. We have secured some outstanding individual academic performances with some achieving straight A’s across their subjects. Most humbling is the students who have secured life-changing results that have defied the odds due to their personal circumstance. One example is a student that has achieved results that enable him to be the first person in his family history to go to university despite the adversity he has had to endure.

I would like to thank the staff once again for their commitment and perseverance towards the students and families served at Wilmington Academy. Under such difficult circumstances we continue to triumph.

I will leave you with the following words from some of our students and parents today.

Michael Gore, Principal

‘Thank you to all of the teachers and I am grateful for you all pushing me to the maximum’

‘Thank you to all of the teachers for your support and believing in me when I didn’t myself! I’ve had the best time ever!’

‘Thank you to all my teachers for supporting me through the years. You’ve all made my journey very memorable!’