Wilmington Academy’s Student Leadership

With Wilmington Academy’s Student Leadership initiative up and running, successful Student Leaders have been placed onto a number of newly-created sub-groups. These sub-groups will ensure that student input can be heard across each and every area of school life.

A collection of Student Leaders on the restaurant sub-group have already taken up their roles with great enthusiasm. On Thursday 17th March, they met with Wilmington Academy’s Chef to discuss the school’s catering. With 60-70% of the student body using the restaurant on peak days of the week, it is an important aspect of the school, with food never far away from students’ minds!

The Student Leaders were given a tour of the restaurant to help them understand the enormous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes on a daily basis. Student Leaders are now planning to go away and create a food survey for the whole of the student body. Information from this survey will then be fed back into the restaurant team. This is just one example of how Wilmington Academy’s Student Leaders are contributing to daily life at the school, and taking ownership and responsibility of their learning environment.

Cucina picture