Year 11 Assessment Week

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27 September 2020


Dear Parent/Carer,


Year 11 Assessment Week

The year 11 students have made a positive start to the academic year and have settled back well into academy life.  This week is assessment week, which means that your son/daughter will be undergoing his/her first classroom-based assessments of the year.

As these assessments are all in lesson, they will not impact on students’ normal timetables in any way.  The assessments will provide us with an extra tier of information about your son’s/daughter’s progress in each subject and help shape the content and structure of lessons through Module 2 and beyond. Teachers will continue to give guidance on the preparation for these assessments during lessons this week, and via subject specific Google classrooms.

Please could you discuss the assessments with your son/daughter to make sure that he/she has been using Google classroom when they are at home to help supplement his/her learning and to ensure that he/she is fully prepared.  

Thank you again for supporting the academy so positively and enabling us to make a smooth start to Year 11 during such challenging circumstances.

Yours faithfully,


Stephanie Goodall
Head of Jupiter College
Raising Standards Leader – Year 11