COVID Update Years 7-10

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Dear Parents & Carers,
I am writing to inform you that we have had a further case of COVID-19 in relation to a Year 11 student at
Wilmington Academy. As a preventative measure, and following guidance from the Department of Education
and clinicians from Public Health England we have decided to ask all year 11 students to self-isolate until
Friday 20 November.

As with the previous cases we have taken steps to act quickly to reduce the risk of cross transmission within
the wider academy and in addition to self-isolating all year 11 students we will be undertaking a deep clean of
all affected classrooms and communal areas of the school to minimise any risk of your child picking up the
virus from a surface around the school.
This has been a difficult decision to make as year 11 is a critical time for students but ultimately we must do
everything we can to safeguard the health of students and the wider school community.
The current situation is particularly challenging as we are also facing staff shortages across various areas of
the school, this is unfortunately having an impact on the ability to deliver some back-office services. I would
like to thank parents for their patience during this period and apologise in advance if you have to wait longer
than usual for a response from us. We will of course return services to normal as soon as practically possible.
We will continue to operate all other year groups as normal in line with our COVID secure guidelines whilst
delivering an online curriculum to year 11.

Finally, I would like to remind all parents that should your child become unwell with COVID like symptoms
they should not be sent into school and you should instead obtain a test as soon as possible and inform the
school of the result. If someone in your household has symptoms or tests positive then you should ensure
that all members of the household stay in isolation for 14 days in line with the national guidance.
Yours faithfully
Michael Gore
Wilmington Academy