Year 11 Mock Examinations – Monday 23rd November to Friday 4th December 2020

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Dear Parent/Carer

I hope you and your family had a restful and enjoyable half term break. I am writing to make you aware that all year 11 students will start a full series of mock GCSE examinations from Monday 23rd November 2020. These exams will give teachers vital information on areas of strengths, areas to improve and misconceptions at an individual level and will help us to plan the next steps for your child.

At the present time the Government’s position is that students in England will still sit GCSE exams next summer.  As you will be aware, last year the Government took the decision to cancel GCSE examinations because of the lockdown and the escalating cases of Covid 19.  We hope that this situation does not arise again, but felt that we should inform you that last year mock exams formed an important part of our evidence when deciding end of course grades for students.  Please can you discuss the importance of the forthcoming series of mock exams with your child.

After school revision is also an important part of our strategy for improving your son’s/daughter’s outcomes both during the forthcoming mock exams and in their final GCSEs next summer.  If your child receives an invite to a revision session, the expectation is that they should attend.  Invited revision is to address the misconceptions that your son/daughter has had in lessons the previous week and it is important that these are addressed so that they can make the best progress.  Texts are sent out on a Friday, inviting students to revision the following week.  The revision schedule is as follows:

  • Monday  3-4pm:  English
  • Tuesday 3-4pm:  Maths
  • Wednesday 2-4pm:  Option subjects by rotation
  • Thursday 3-4pm:  Science
  • Friday 3-4pm:  Geography, History and French/Spanish

Students should be aiming to revise at home five evenings per week and should break this down into 30 or 40 minute chunks per subject (3 subjects per day).  Full support is available for each subject via Google Classrooms on our distance learning website. Year 11 form tutors will be helping students to write an effective mock exam revision schedule, to help support students and to inform parents so they can support accordingly. 

The mock exam timetable is attached to this letter and an individual timetable will be accessible for every student to view on My Child at School.

The year 11 teaching team is currently concentrating on exam techniques and how students can better access questions and communicate their answers in order to maximise the marks they achieve in each mock examination. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through this information, which I am sure you will find invaluable for supporting your son/daughter in the forthcoming mock exams.  We would like to thank you for your ongoing support.


Yours faithfully,

Stephanie Goodall
Head of Jupiter College | Year 11 Raising Standards Lead

download the exam timetable