Year 11 Support Letter – 21st October 2021

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Dear Parents/Carers

Year 11 Support

We are delighted with the fantastic start that our Year 11 students have made this year. Students have returned with an outstanding mindset and are determined to achieve despite all of the disruption they have faced.

Module two is a very important module for Year 11, with mock exams taking place for most subjects. A personalised mock timetable will be printed for all students upon their return to the academy in module two. Preparations should have commenced in module one and we encourage students to continue their revision in the run up to these assessments. Last year, the year 11 mock results were a key part of the evidence that teachers used when considering teacher assessed grades.

Key Website links for Year 11 parents

For all year 11 useful resources as highlighted below, please find a key link to the website

For Digital subject presentations, please use this link

Half Term Revision

To support students in the completion of coursework elements and to support mock preparations, staff have kindly agreed to provide some additional intervention sessions for targeted students in the October half term. 

Module 2 After-school Revision 

Targeted revision sessions in module two will also take place for our ‘Core’ subjects from the first week back. English will take place on Monday, Maths on Tuesday, Science on Thursday and Humanities on Friday. 

‘Reach for the Stars’ Motivational Programme

To further motivate students in the run up to their mock and GCSE exams, a Year 11 raising standards student group have created a motivational programme ‘Reach for the Stars’ where all Year 11 students can achieve rewards for their effort in class, attendance at school and attendance at revision sessions.  A weekly Student Support Manager (SSM) ‘Star of the Week’ will also be issued – two per college.

The programme will start from Monday 8 November 2021 and end on the last day of module five.  Teachers will award effort points to students in their class which tally up into ‘Stars’.  The more stars a student receives the more rewards they earn and three effort points equates to one star.

Rewards range from a ‘fast-track’ lunch pass, food, drink, Bluewater or Amazon voucher, or a voucher towards a summer prom ticket.  Details of the prom will follow after Christmas.

Students can monitor their progress via the ‘Reach for the Stars’ tracker found in the corridor next to the library and the programme has been very successful for the past two years, students who engaged with the programme made considerable progress.

Year 11 Progress Cards

As module two commences, students in Year 11 will be given updated progress cards that detail key information such as current/target grades and attendance. It is vital that students are aware of this information to support their progress through the year. It will also provide parents/carers with additional information, alongside the module one report, to support their child’s applications to Post 16 education. 

Parental Informational

All of the information outlined above can be found on the main academy website. This also contains our virtual Year 11 parents/carers information presentation, detailing key information for specific subject areas which can be found on the link on the home page titled ‘Year 11 Parental Support’. We have also attached the half term revision schedule, module revision overview and mock exam timetable to this letter.

May I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a safe half term.

Yours faithfully


Mr M Gore