Year 7 Knowledge Organisers

Year 7 pupils attended an assembly today on how to utilise their Knowledge Organisers effectively. It has recently come to our attention that many pupils are reading the information on their organisers rather than putting it into practice. During the assembly, we informed pupils of different techniques that they could use to increase how much knowledge they were able to recall. These techniques can be applied to any subject’s Knowledge Organiser.

The presentation that we showed to Year 7 is show below. This gives you an insight into the different activities that pupils can be doing with their Knowledge Organisers.

Additionally, the History Department are going to be running Knowledge Organiser Workshops, starting in Module 3, every Thursday 3pm – 3:45pm. These are available to all Year 7 pupils who wish to put the techniques shared with them today into practice.  Alternatively, if any pupils are struggling to complete their Knowledge Organiser homework they could also attend these sessions to gain advice from teaching staff.

If you have questions regarding the Knowledge Organiser workshops please do not hesitate to email me at

To view presentation please click the picture below: