Year 9 Digital Engagement & Curriculum Options

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Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support with online learning this module.

The work that all students are provided with and undertaking is of vital importance to their progress and development. We want to particularly highlight the importance of this work for the parents/carers of our Year 9 students as we approach the time to select their Curriculum Choices for Key Stage 4.

The digital engagement scores, aptitude and attitude towards ‘Option’ subjects alongside the work completed on site, will all provide evidence for guiding and choosing the right choices for your child.

It is vital that students engage in all aspects of the curriculum now so that your child can make progress and have the full range of options available to them. The content delivered now forms a key foundation for further study at GCSE/BTEC level. We will continue to monitor engagement via the Digital Engagement Scores with ongoing pastoral support available to students to aid their learning.

In module 4, our Year 9 cohort will be given a comprehensive Curriculum Choices experience. The key dates and information will be shared with parents/carers and our students from Module 4. To aid parents/carers and students in making their choices, we will be sharing updated MYP (Middle Years Programme) grades with you in a report. This will be supported with a virtual parents evening where discussions can be had with subject teachers and pastoral teams. Additionally, we will run a ‘Curriculum Choices Fortnight’ via the tutor time programme.

If you have any queries concerning anything contained in this email, or any other aspect of your child’s learning, please contact

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Yours faithfully,


Patrick Lonergan

Head of Minerva College

MYP Coordinator, Curriculum & Options Lead