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Academy Uniform

Academy Uniform

Where to buy your uniform

The school uniform is only available from Brigade Clothing Ltd (please click to be taken to Brigade’s website).

Please follow the links below to order the appropriate uniform for your child:

Boys’ Uniform – Compulsory

Black Blazer With Academy badge on breast pocket
Academy Tie With School stripe
Black Tailored Trousers
White Shirt Long or short sleeves
Plain Socks White or black
Plain Flat Shoes

BLACK only

No shoes may be above the ankle bone.

Trainers are NOT allowed except for PE (Converse & Vans type footwear are not  permitted)

Girls’ Uniform – Compulsory

Black Blazer With Academy badge on breast pocket
Black Pleated Skirt OR Black Tailored Trousers Minimum skirt length = no shorter than 6cms (2 1/2 inches) above the knee / Maximum skirt length = calf length

Flares, bootleggers, hipsters or lycra are NOT permitted

White Blouse With Academy logo
Black Lycra Tights OR Plain White or Black  Socks Year 9 upwards may wear flesh coloured tights
Plain Flat BLACK shoes Maximum height = 3cms (1 inch)

No shoe may be above the ankle bone. Trainers are NOT allowed except for PE  (converse and vans type footwear are not permitted)

Boys’ & Girls Uniform – Compulsory

Black “V” Neck Sweater With Academy Logo
Overcoats / Jackets Should be black with NO writing or commercial logos on them. Denim and leather coats are NOT allowed

PE Kit

PE kit needs to be worn regardless of moderate illness or injury. In all cases of non participation a note should be bought in.

All students, male and female:

– college polo shirt
– navy/black tracksuit bottoms and/or shorts (students discretion to wear what and when)
– sports / football socks (white / black / navy)
– suitable sports trainers (any colour)
– football boots (any colour)
– hair tie for long hair
– PE kit bag
– navy/black sweatshirt or jacket for cold weather / outdoor lessons (recommended)
– Wilmington academy rugby shirt
– Short/sports skirt
No grey tracksuits or jumpers are allowed. No hoodies are allowed. Outdoor coats cannot be worn for PE. No jewellery is allowed to be worn, including earrings, for PE. All PE kit and school uniform must be named.

Students studying Horticulture will need a set of overalls, which can be purchased from the Horticulture Department and a pair of Wellingtons or sturdy boots.

Important Notices


Students are NOT allowed to wear jewellery. Rings are dangerous for many activities and therefore unsuitable for the Academy.  Necklaces and bracelets are similarly unsuitable; however, an exception may be made for religious chains provided they are worn under the shirt. One pair of small stud earrings may be worn, one in each lobe.  No facial jewellery, piercings etc are permitted. Watches may be worn and handed to a teacher during certain activities such as P.E. The Academy is not responsible for the loss of any jewellery. NO unusual hair styles, including tram lines, are permitted.


Make-up, such as lipstick, mascara and nail varnish is not suitable for the Academy, as students should not be distracted by concerns about their appearance. No lower Academy student (Year 7 & 8) may wear make-up.  In the upper Academy the rule for make-up is that it should be natural. Students who arrive wearing excessively visible make-up or any nail varnish will be required to remove it.


Extreme hair colours are not permitted. Hair must be a natural colour.

The Academy has the final decision on uniform.