Wellbeing at Wilmington

At Wilmington Academy we recognise how important positive emotional wellbeing and mental health is for all stakeholders. For our students to flourish both personally and academically it is important that we regularly talk about our mental health and emotional wellbeing, establishing various support and mechanisms for all when required.  We aim to create and sustain a positive, supportive and caring environment which in turn promotes good morale, reduces absenteeism and promotes staff retention. To enhance this ethos, the academy aligns with the Leigh Academies Trust (LAT) Wellbeing policy.

We promote the NHS Five Steps of wellbeing and have our wellbeing service. This service is designed to support students, parents/carers and staff.

Our Aims

  • To ensure support is provided for students with recognised mental health conditions
  • Provide all stakeholders with the tools in reporting or seeking support 
  • To build resilience in all our students to help students feel safe and have a sense of belonging 
  • To provide all staff with Continued Professional Development to help with the identification of mental health and poor emotional wellbeing.
  • To develop a ‘whole-school approach’ in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing amongst pupils, parents/carers and staff whilst establishing various support mechanisms for all.
  • To ensure external agencies are also explored and utilised where appropriate such as MIND or Kent’s Early Help support network

5 Steps of Wellbeing:

  • Connect with people 
  • Be physically active
  • Learn New skills
  • Give to others
  • Pay attention to the present moment (mindfulness)

Wellbeing Service

Since 2019 we have a dedicated Wellbeing Manager, Sarah West, who works Monday-Friday. In addition, we have two Student Service Managers in each college to further support our young people on a daily basis. Every child has a tutor who they meet with daily. 

Our Wellbeing Managers are able to support students, parents/carers and staff throughout the week. Appointments can be made and they run a drop-in every morning, break, lunch and after school. Their skills and expertise provide support for our whole community. 

Good work-life balance 

One of the keys to good wellbeing for both students and staff is a good work life balance.  Making sure our wellbeing is managed is about understanding there will always be pressures on our time and targets to meet which is part of everyday life. However, how we manage these makes a big difference. It is everyone’s responsibility to take control of this to make sure the mix is appropriate to your abilities and wellbeing and if you are struggling talk to teachers or managers if you feel you are not coping. Having a good positive home life and good set working patterns will help you achieve this and stay healthy in body and mind and be an active part of the Wilmington team.

Important contact details

Wellbeing Service

Sarah West: sarah.j.west@wilmingtonacademy.org.uk

College teams

General enquiries please email: admin@wilmingtonacademy.org.uk (Please quote your child’s name, year group and their college). 

We recognise that young people in secondary education strive to do well, but sometimes the pressure of both school and their personal lives can lead to them to suffer emotionally which may affect their learning and attendance in school.  We strive to support students who are struggling for whatever reason. Through weekly non-judgemental one to one meetings using active listening and counselling skills to help students to unpack their worries and concerns, and creating positive strategies which will help them through their current issues.  The academy also recognises that staff wellbeing is key to retaining staff and having good morale.  Through the Wellbeing Team’s role it encourages staff to have input into the wellbeing of staff and students in the academy, and gives staff the ability to talk one to one with someone privately and confidentiality to air their concerns and worries.

Wellbeing Awards For Schools

Wilmington Academy is proud of its work we do to support students, staff and our parents/carers in promoting better mental health and emotional wellbeing across the whole school. As part of this the Academy is undertaking the “Wellbeing Awards for Schools” (WAS) and our verification process begins on 9th November 2021.

Additional support/external agencies