Post 16-
After Post 16

Welcome to Wilmington Academy Post 16

Year 13 Spotlight: Charlie

From an early age, Charlie’s passion has been construction.  After achieving an amazing 2A*s, 4As, and 4 Bs in his GCSE results, Charlie opted to undertake the International Baccalaureate Careers-related Programme (IBCP) in Post 16; his chosen subjects were: IB Design and Technology, IB Maths, and BTEC Extended Certificate in Engineering.

As Charlie’s time here at the Academy draws to a close, we look back on his achievements and look forward with him to the immense opportunities his has at his feet.

Being more of a “hands on” person, Charlie is looking to pursue an apprenticeship route into Quantity Surveying, which would allow him to build on his Level 3 studies, rather than go down a pure university route. Throughout his time at the Academy, Charlie has “thrown” himself into every opportunity; his work experience placement at a local garage gave him experience of a busy, bustling work environment. His additional studies as part of the IBCP pathway have included designing and refurbishing the Milestone Academy satellite garden, as well as raising awareness of healthy eating and healthy minds amongst the lower years.

This wealth of experiences beyond his qualifications have enabled him to be in a position to apply for his preferred apprenticeship with Transport for London (TfL). We wish Charlie every success in the future, and although we will miss your smile first thing in the morning, we know that you have a fantastic future ahead of you!

Year 13 Spotlight: Harry’s Journey

As their time at the Academy draws to a close, Year 13 begin to enter the next chapter of their lives.  Here we have Harry talking about his time here at the Academy and his plans for the future.

Harry has fond memories of Wilmington Academy, having attended since Year 7. After successfully achieving 1A*, 5As, and 5Bs at GCSE Harry chose to undertake the International Baccalaureate Careers-related Programme (IBCP) Pathway in Post 16; His subject choices were: IB English Language & Literature, IB History, IB Film Studies, and BTEC National Diploma in Business.

Highlights from Harry’s Post 16 career have included participating in the Leigh Aspire Programme and international trips to Rome and Sri Lanka, where he volunteered in local communities and even helped to bathe elephants. As an IBCP student he also ran and participated in numerous community events closer to home including our annual Christmas Tea Dance.

Harry’s next chapter includes attending Exeter University to study a BA in English Literature. This is a four year course including a year of studying abroad in either Australia, New Zealand or Canada. Harry hopes his university studies will enable him to go on to undertake a Masters Degree in Journalism or the Graduate Diploma in Law.

One thing we know for sure however is that whatever Harry chooses to do after his graduation he is going to excel: his dedication and passion for learning and helping others will be long remembered here at the Academy and in Post 16.

Year 13 Spotlight: Jessica

Jessica has attended Wilmington Academy from Year 7, and as she begins for life after Post 16 we look back on her time here at the Academy and also what her future plans.

Having achieved 1A*, 2As, 4Bs, and 1C in her GCSE studies, Jess chose to undertake the International Baccalaureate Careers-related programme (IBCP) at Post 16, studying IB English Language and Literature, IB Biology, and BTEC Extended Certificate in Health & Social Care.

Jess chose to undertake the IBCP as she wanted to have a wealth of experiences on her CV and available to highlight during interviews.  In fact, within her first month of being in the programme Jess successfully attained employment!  In addition to the usual Level 3 studies, the IBCP pathway includes development of personal and professional skills, service learning, international language and cultural awareness, and the production of a reflective project (which is similar to a undergraduate dissertation).  For one of her many chosen service learning projects, Jessica helped to organise and run a fancy dress run for students in Year 7 and 8.  The event was a huge success, not just because of the £200 raised for charity, but also because of the sense of community instilled between her team and the lower years.

Beyond Wilmington Academy, Jessica hopes to study Psychology and Counselling BSc at the University of Greenwich. Continuing to develop her experience and passion for her local community, in readiness for her chosen course Jessica hopes to volunteer in the Summer as a ‘Dementia Buddy’.

We wish Jessica every success for the future: you have been an exemplary role model not only for your peers but also the community as a whole.  You are going to achieve amazing feats!