Post-16 Exam Procedures 2020-2021

These procedures apply for all Examinations. 

Exam start and finish times 

Morning exams start at 09:00, afternoon exams start at 13:00

If you are late for any reason, please phone the Academy with an estimated arrival time. 

Please note: You may not be allowed into the examination hall if you are late

For 09:00 exams 

Register in Period 1, go to the Sport Hall and leave your bag in the gym. 

Please wait quietly until you are admitted. 

For 13:00 exams

Either purchase your lunch at break time or bring in a packed lunch and eat in your common room area at 12:15pm and promptly make your way to your exam at 12:45pm

Procedure and Behaviour

  • When making your way to your exams please walk in a quiet and calm manner.
  • Make sure your pockets are empty and you leave your mobile phone in your bag.
  • Always enter the Exam room in silence and remain in silence until exiting the room at the end of the exam. 
  • Follow all instructions given by the Invigilators.
  • Put up my hand to attract an invigilator’s attention, if you require assistance and speak quietly.
  • Face the front at all times – legs under your desk, looking at the front. 
  • Only equipment in a clear pencil case and  water is permitted, in a clear unlabelled bottle. 

You must not:

  • Take any electronic device into the Exam room, even if it is switched off. 
  • Disturb or distract other students
  • Communicate with any other student either verbally or non-verbally.
  • Turn around in your seat. 

Mobile Phones

No Mobile Phones, Smartwatches, MP3/4 players or any potential technological web enabled sources of information are permitted in any exam room. 

Possession of any of the above may result in disqualification.


All exam timetables will be available on the student portal and My Child at School. Please ensure you have access to this. Any problems see your College admin. 

There will be a copy of the exam timetable displayed in the common room.

There will also be alphabetical  lists outside each exam room, so you can check where you are sitting before each exam.


Please bring all your equipment in a clear pencil case. Only clear pencil cases are permitted in the exam room. 

Recommended equipment: 

  • 2 Black ball point pens (No erasable pens)
  • 2 HB Pencils
  • Sharpener
  • Rubber
  • Maths set
  • Calculator (no lids, cleared memory)
  • Highlighters

Face Masks/Hand sanitizer

You may bring face masks and hand sanitizer into the exam room, however both must have no writing present. 

Hand sanitizer labels must be removed. 

Face masks can be checked by the invigilators before the exam begins. 


If you are unwell and are unable to come into school for any exams, please ring admin on 01322 272111 and let us know as early as possible. If you are unable to attend an official exam a doctors note is required.