Academy Expectations: Road Safety, E-Scooters and Vapes

WA student reading a book with another student in the background

Dear Parents/Carers,

Road Safety

We are writing following meetings between Wilmington Grammar School for Boys and Wilmington Grammar School for Girls after concerns about the busy roads and pavements that surround our schools.

As the evenings grow darker, we want to reiterate to parents, carers and students the importance of taking care when arriving to or leaving school:

  1. When travelling to school on public buses, all students are ambassadors for their schools. We expect exemplary behaviour and kindness towards members of the public
  2. If your child is riding a bicycle to school, they must wear a helmet. We also recommend that your child wear a high-visibility coat/jacket. When arriving at school, your child must get off the bicycle before getting onto school grounds and wheel it into the secure bike store.
  3. From the start of Module 2, the bike store is being moved to a more secure location inside the academy site. Students should wheel their bike through the side gate and turn left past the Phoenix Centre to the new bike store behind the Neptune building. Students with bikes must be on site by 8.25am.
  4. Electric Scooters are not permitted – they must not be used as a means for transport for your child for their journey to and from the academy. Following advice from the local police, they are not allowed to be brought onto the school site.
  5. Wilmington Wheels: We have a small number of bicycles available for students to borrow – please contact your child’s college office should the use of one of these support your child’s journey to and from school.
  6. Members of staff from all schools are on duty at key times and in key areas. They supervise students to ensure their safety. We will not tolerate any abusive behaviour towards our staff and we would expect all students, from all three schools, to respect the instructions of the staff who are on duty to support their safety when arriving and leaving school.
  7. Parents must not park in bus lanes or in staff allocated parking spaces on any of the school sites at the end of the school day. Please arrange to pick your children up away from the academy site. Please do not obstruct driveways outside the homes of local residents.
  8. Students should not use the alleyway between Wilmington Grammar School for Girls and Wilmington Grammar School for Boys/Wilmington Academy at any time. They should use the woodland path, or the roadway from Parsons Lane.

This guidance is in place to ensure that all students are safe as they arrive at/leave school. Please make sure that you have a conversation with your son/daughter about these expectations.

The Use of Vapes

It is with regret that we have had to enforce the behaviour policy by sanctioning two students with a fixed term suspension for bringing vapes into the academy this module. The governors and leadership team have zero-tolerance with students bringing in banned items such as this. It would be most appreciated if you could discuss this with your child so that they are aware of the consequences of breaking the home/academy agreement.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Yours faithfully,

Mr M Gore