End of Term Arrangements – Module 6 2023

Wilmington Academy building

Dear Parents/Carers,

The last day of school for students will be Friday 21 July. The timetable for the day is as follows:




Apollo College Form Time
Minerva College Assembly
Jupiter College Brunch


Apollo College/Minerva College Brunch
Jupiter College Assembly


Apollo College Assembly
Minerva College/Jupiter College Form Time

If this early finish causes you difficulties, then please contact the relevant College Admin Office asking for your child to remain at the Academy until 2:00pm and appropriate supervision will be arranged. Unfortunately, there can be no special arrangements with the buses, which will arrive at the normal time. All students will need to make arrangements to make their own way at home at 12.00pm.

There will be no lunch service, however students will be able to buy food during an extended brunch should they wish to do so.

Please note that communication regarding the last day of the academic year for Post-16 students will be sent via a separate letter.

Non-School Uniform

Students will be allowed to wear non-uniform on the last day, as a reward for their excellent attitudes and effort. Students are welcome to wear shorts if the weather is suitable however please ensure your child is dressed appropriately. Students are not allowed to wear crop tops or thin strapped tops and shorts must be of an appropriate length. Footwear must also be suitable with a back to the heel, therefore no flip flops or sliders can be worn. Parents/carers will be called to come and collect their child if they are not dressed appropriately so that any issues can be fixed, enabling them to return and partake in the above activities.

We would ask for a charitable contribution of £1 on the day which will be donated to The Trussell Trust (who provide support a nationwide network of food banks and provide emergency food and support to people facing hardship, and campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK), but we would not wish to exclude anyone from participating for financial reasons.

The academy re-opens on Friday 1 September for the new Year 7 students and the new Year 12 students. All other year groups return on Monday 4 September – Period 1 will be Form Time. Please note that the times of the academy day from September 2023 onwards will be as stated below:

Start of Day*


End of Day


Start of Day*


End of Day


(*Students should be onsite by 8:20am)

Calendar Amendment

Please note that there has been an amendment to one date in the INSET Day programme for 2023/24. 2 January 2024 will be an INSET Day and 9 February 2024 will be a normal school day.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and wish you, your families and friends an enjoyable summer.

Yours faithfully,

Mr M Gore