Official Wilmington Academy Esports Kit

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Dear Parents/Staff 

Official Wilmington Academy Esports Kit – Now Available! 

We are excited to announce the launch of the official Wilmington Academy Esports Playing and Training Kit. In partnership with Mizuno, we have designed a highquality range of bespoke apparel to showcase our academy’s commitment to the growing world of competitive gaming

Our vision is to enhance the Wilmington Academy Esports experience and build a strong sense of team spirit. The kit options include

  • Bespoke Racing Kit – Red 
  • Bespoke Playing Kit – White 
  • Bespoke Playing Kit – Black 
  • Bespoke Core Sub Jacket – Black 
  • Additional Mizuno Wilmington Esports Apparel (available without minimum order) 

Important Ordering Information 

The bespoke red, white, and black kits require a minimum order quantity of ten items each before an order can be processed. This is due to the printing costs associated with the nature of the design not being freely available

We will operate a monthtomonth ordering window to allow for collation of orders to meet this requirement. If the minimum order quantity is not reached for a particular kit style, you will have the option to select a different bespoke item or receive a full refund

All items can be viewed on the Wilmington Academy website including clear images and prices

Orders will be placed securely through the ParentPay system under Esports Kit using your individual login details

Supporting Our Esports Teams 

We want to emphasise that the academy and the Esports Department are not profiting from these sales. Our primary goal is to boost brand awareness, foster a sense of community and support our fantastic Esports teams as they compete and represent Wilmington Academy

We encourage students, parents, and staff to show their support by sporting the official Wilmington Academy Esports kit

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Esports department via 

Your faithfully 

James Marriott
Esports Coordinator