Welcome back!

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Dear Parent/Carer

It was lovely to see all year groups returning to the academy this week. The staff and I were very excited to see the students.

We are so proud to see all of the students settle in so quickly and embrace the opportunity of learning on site once again.

I would like to thank you all for your support in discussing our advice that we previously sent out regarding social distancing, staggered times and travel to and from school.

The operational management of year group ‘bubbles’ has been very successful with students displaying maturity and respecting our ‘new’ way of working.

The majority of students look very smart with full uniform. I am aware that there are still issues relating to uniform suppliers which I hope will resolve soon. Please ensure college teams are aware of any issues you may have relating to this.

Students are expected to be present. We will be calling parents/carers of absent children each day if we do not receive a call (01322 27211 option 1 for Student Absence, then press *1 for Minerva College, *Apollo College, *3 for Jupiter College and *5 for Post 16/6th Form) or email (admin@wilmingtonacademy.org.uk) to say they are unwell.

Please note, if parents/carers decide not to send their children back to school, in line with Government guidance, this will be recorded as an unauthorised absence and fines may be imposed by the Local Education Authority

I will continue to update you as we proceed through the module.

Have a good weekend.

Yours faithfully

Mr M Gore