Relationships, Sex and Health Education Consultation 2022

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Dear Parents/Carers

Relationships, Sex and Health Education Consultation 2022

As part of your child’s educational experience at Wilmington Academy, we aim to promote personal growth and wellbeing through the Action Day and tutor programme. These sessions provide our students with the knowledge that they need to help them navigate the increasingly complex world we live in, whilst providing information on how to be safe and healthy both academically and personally, helping them to become successful members of society.

From September 2022 the Department for Education is making Relationships, Sex Education and Health Education compulsory in all schools.

What does the new guidance mean?
The new guidance aims to provide students with the knowledge that will enable them to make educated decisions about aspects such as healthy relationships, wellbeing and health, as well as providing guidance on how to seek advice and support on these issues. This knowledge and guidance will allow students to make sound and informed decisions regarding these complex ideas. The curriculum has been carefully designed and sequenced, taking into account age appropriateness.

How will this be delivered?
Sessions will be taught during weekly form activities, as well as during the three drop down days, known as Action days. The sessions will be constantly monitored and reviewed by staff. For a detailed overview of the proposed curriculum please visit the following link.

What if I have questions?
So parents/carers are fully aware and informed of the new framework, we would like to invite you to review the draft policy and content of lessons that have been produced. The draft policy also contains important information for parents who may wish to withdraw their children from some aspects of the curriculum. If you would like to find out more, have any questions or provide feedback on this draft policy, please do not hesitate to contact me via Please note that the closing date for feedback is Friday 23 September 2022.

Yours faithfully

Miss L Evans
Assistant Principal – Head of Post 16
Personal Development Lead