GCSE Results Day 2022 – 25th August 2022

WA student reading a book with another student in the background

Following the success of our P16 outcomes last week, today we celebrate the best KS4 results Wilmington Academy has achieved to date. Students, parents and staff were able to congratulate each other resulting in a joyous atmosphere in our Lecture Theatre. Cheers, hugs and tears of happiness filled the room following students opening their envelopes. Notably, this year’s set of results stem from a challenging few years where the community have had to persevere, be resilient and remain focused to achieve such positive outcomes.

Our record results exceed 2019 comparisons with both our average attainment and progress score across 8 subjects exceeding any previous score in the history of the academy. 

‘I am extremely proud of the outcomes achieved this academic year. These results are a direct output of the team work, dedication and commitment from staff, students and parents. The community deserves to celebrate this excellent achievement. I wish to thank all that have contributed to ensure our students have everything they need in order to take their next steps of education. Pleasingly, a majority of the year 11 students intend to remain at our highly successful sixth form’ – Mr M Gore, Principal.

‘We would like to thank all of the staff at Wilmington Academy for their hard work and dedication to their jobs. My daughter has been provided with an outstanding level of support to achieve an excellent set of results and prepare her for next year’ – a year 11 Parent

‘On behalf of the Governors, I wish to congratulate all the students for their excellent results and thank the staff for their tireless efforts, dedication and excellence at the academy’ – Mr D Linehan-Dumont, Chairman of Governors